About ERYN

ERYN uses a combination of pen and marker drawing, watercolour, acrylic painting and papercutting techniques to create detailed compositions filled with strange creatures in an otherworldly setting. These compositions are made up of hand-drawn and painted elements on paper and wood, which are then cut out and glued in layers into a shallow wooden box. The technical process is laborious and meticulous, while the creative process is fluid and organic. This creates an element of chaos that pulls apart the compositional rigidity of lines and clear-cut edges. Each composition will frequently undergo many evolutions before the final scene is realized, with larger and more complex pieces taking more than a month to “grow” into being.

ERYN has a tendency to anthropomorphize elements of the natural world to create unusual imaginary characters. The use of imaginary characters opens up possibilities to convey abstract concepts and emotions into a visual form. These characters populate landscapes that are inspired by lush tropical rainforests, the frozen arctic plains, and even the dry unforgiving desert. Each landscape is shaped by thoughts and emotions in her mind and the process is at once aware yet unconscious. These landscapes are also removed from the mundane laws of physics, gravity, and proportion. Through this the artist creates a dreamlike quality in order to bring the viewer into an inner space to experience both the mysterious and the extraordinary.


CV and exhibition history (Jan '17)
Artist-in-residence: Rimbun Dahan Art Residency at Hotel Penaga (Sept-Nov '16)
Publication: Young Art Taipei catalogue by Artemis Art (Apr '16)
Article: Faber-Castell Amplify Exhibition (Apr '16)
Article: "Interior Worlds" by Billie Blue Blackstone (Mar '16)
Publication: Herald by Henry Butcher M'sia - UOB Painting Award (Nov '15)
Artist-in-residence: sembilan Art Residency Program (Jan-Apr '15)
Interview: Projek Brunei (June '14)


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