TREE OF LIFE is centered around the theme of the tree being a nurturing source of life, shelter and stories.
The tree's structure of its roots, trunk and leaves is the link that unifies the elements of water, earth, air and the sun.
In this way the tree represents the creation of life in its simplest form.

This series began as a fascination with the bonsai or miniaturized tree. Some compositions feature the tree being contained in
a pot or other vessel, such as a barnacle in Blessed Sakura.
Because of this, the tree can exist in a space that is not based in reality.
Imaginary beings and creatures live and make their home in these trees. Their interactions form the basis for the narratives of
friendship, togetherness and innocence in each piece. There is also a sense of balance, harmony and serenity in the stories explored here.

Young Bonsai
Dreaming Bonsai
Sleeping Bonsai
All art and content copyrights belong to Winnie Cheng (ERYN) | Updated Jan 2017