OTHERWORLD is an ongoing series that documents the artist's perception of the world around her through her imagination.
The Otherworld can be accessed through a pathway of dreams and leads to strange vistas populated by various creatures
performing a variety of roles and actions. Some characters recur and in more recent pieces cats begin to make an appearance
as the mediators between the dreaming and waking world. The appearance of cats is largely inspired by the fiction of
H.P. Lovecraft, in particular The Cats of Ulthar and The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath.

Instead of appearing menacing, the creatures and monsters are usually shown to be interacting amongst themselves and with humans
in a relatively mundane and jovial manner. Humans play a minor role in this realm and they are often shown as children travelling
through this strange and topsy-turvy world.

The Sky Whale
Deep Ocean
The Meeting
The Embrace
Telling Tales
The Tree of Dreams
The Spider Cafe
The Adventure
Great River City
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