WELCOME to Timeless Realm, the online portfolio of drawings, illustrations and papercuttings by ERYN (Winnie Cheng). Join the artist in her adventure into the imagination and explore surreal settings that leads us deeper into our subconcious self.

PROGRESS - May 2017
ERYN is currently working on a new series titled "Strange Botanicals" for her upcoming solo exhibition. This series was developed during her 3-month art residency at Hotel Penaga from Sept-Nov 2016. Strange Botanicals follows the adventures of a durian-headed humanoid as she traverses lush tropical landscapes and coral-filled waters. She is followed by a faithful mangosteen companion and together they meet some sweet and some not-so-savory characters along the way. Strange Botanicals allows ERYN to explore a diverse narrative that reflects upon our own desirable and undesirable traits of being human.

She is also working on a book illustration project and a self-published short comic titled "Cat-Face & Skull Head" to be released sometime in 2017. In the meantime you can follow the process on Instagram and Facebook.

Diorama series
Navigating choices and desires in life.
The play between light and dark.

Known x Unknown Series
Works produced during the sembilan Art Residency Program.

Otherworld Series
Journey through an alternate reality
somewhere between dreaming and waking.

Strange Interiors Series
Drawings of some truly unusual homes
delving into the hubris of the human ego.

Living Trees Series
Explorations on the 'Tree of Life' concept
using the motif of a bonsai tree.

An archive of older material and work
that don't fit into a series.

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